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First Binance Smart Chain Asset Management Platform Using Hybrid Intelligence

A Perfect Mix Between Stable Coins And Performance Coins


RAGS is a social and technological infrastructure that allows an organization to make effective utility usage and decision-making in today’s volatile economic conditions. Rags goals to be the primary Hybrid coin on the market, giving holders the opportunity of having an asset with a reserve fund working to preserve its rate however which in turn attempts to boom in fee effecting definitely the fee of the coin.

Our hybrid intelligence infrastructure effectively manages investors' capital in both traditional financial markets and crypto markets by combining the expertise of a lot of different financial analysts and machine learning models into one.

Investing in hybrid intelligence offers communities and ecosystems a technological and analytical infrastructure to manage their capital efficiently and safely, either by themselves or through licensed managers.

Rags builds predictive analytics by merging collective intelligence and machine learning models. Analysts can profit from their intellectual assets without putting their own funds, tools and data at risk for making investment decisions in uncertain markets.






Rewards in your wallet

Rewards Holding

Redistribution of 2% of each transaction is given to holders of Rags Coinwhich means that by just holding them in your wallet, you can earn more Rags coins. (Centralized exchanges/wallets may not apply tokenomics/redistribution)

Locked Liquidity

The majority of tokens were locked, while some were burned.

Charity Wallet

Donations are redistributed to a designated charity wallet for the support of our charity partners.


Your Life… Your Terms

Freedom, flexibility and fun.
Your Opportunity

Starting a business with RAGS Smart Contract gives you the potential to earn a significant income stream, plus have time and freedom to build your life according to your dreams.

Incentives & Benefits

Qualify to earn rewards & bonuses with RAGS Smart Contract. With the RAGS Smart Contract business, you can unlock the potential to achieve the best rewards, earn more bonuses and get specialized training from top leaders.

Investing is the Future

RAGS Smart Contract is committed to your success. Our plans are developed using the latest strategy and approach. We invest in bringing you the best opportunity on the market.


Key Benefits

Using RAGSCoin
  • A Multi-level Hybrid ecosystem
  • A reliable and secured payment method
  • Establish a new Coin-based economy
  • Low transactions fees, high speeds and easy access
  • Access to your money anytime, anywhere and get rewarded
  • Asset's tokenization (gaming, real estate, education, etc.)


Security at RAGS

Thousands of clients trust RAGS to automate their crypto trading

Embracing Rag's values and being active in enticing with our customers, our team members and our product, we enhance the security posture of our enterprise, products, and client-dealing with services

Our rigorous security policies and approaches are woven into how we perform as a company with integrity and ethics.Rags does not sell or rent users’ personal or sensitive data to advertisers or to other third parties that might enable advertisement delivery.

What we do for Safety
  • Team of security specialists
  • Zero trust principles
  • Risk management and standards compliance
  • Systematic checks


Collective Intelligence Edge

Trade crypto, stocks, options with predictive indicators that can help generating huge profits in few weeks

Every day Artificial Intelligence processes data from analysts to create market forecasts of 70% accuracy — Hybrid Intelligence indicators. Thousands of traders already use indicators to strengthen their strategies.

Join the club today.
What you get?

Proven historical accuracy

At least 60% of indicators are correct under any market conditions.And it's getting better every month.

100+ crypto assets, stocks, futures

Covers all major crypto and traditional assets, including Fortune 500 companies, gold and oil futures, Bitcoin, and major currency pairs


Join our documents

Below are links to our official white paper and independent report!


RAGS WhitePaper 1.0

We are in the process of partnering with corporations to allow merchants to pay rags across the world using several platforms, including hotels, ed tech, and ecommerce.

As seen in


Rags will avail with Coinpayments shortly

With partnership with coin payments, merchants on several top e-commerce platforms will be able to accept Rags coin as payment if they choose to integrate!

RAGS For Corporate

Eventually, Rags will collaborate with corporates to allow merchants to pay Rags through several platforms, such as Edutech, hotels, and ecommerce platforms through an open API.



Charity Donations



The Rags charity helps technologists understand more about hybrid intelligence in crypto



Phase 1

  • Marketing push to spread awareness
  • Website launch
  • Meme development
  • 100 Rags Holders in ICO
  • 5000 telegram members

Phase 2

  • Influencer marketing push
  • Listing on coin gecko
  • Listing on coin market cap
  • 25,000 telegram members
  • 25,000 holders
  • Third party audit
  • Voluntary donation for community + charity partnership

Phase 3

  • 100,000 holders
  • 100,000 telegram members
  • Large influencer marketing push
  • More memes from community
  • Rags release the utility for hotels

Phase 4

  • 150,000 holders
  • increase marketing
  • Rags Swap
  • Add way more memes
  • Website Redesign
  • Rags Paw (Paw wallet growth tracker )

Phase 5

  • Release the hybrid intelligence tool for social strategies companies
  • Implement Rags Edutech platform

Phase 6

  • Donate to the startup Tech companies and tie up with the big corporate companies with 100 billion community with world


How to buy Rags Coin in PancakeSwap

The RAGS token can be purchased with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). MetaMask is the industry leader in BSC wallets (Binance Smart Chain). Get the extension and create a wallet by visiting metamask.io on Google Chrome.
It is necessary to add the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network to your MetaMask plugin before you can use MetaMask with BSC. You can accomplish this by following the simple instructions here at Binance Academy.
We recommend transferring $BNB from your Binance account to MetaMask. The following tutorial explains how you can transfer your $BNB to MetaMask.
Currently, $RAGS can be purchased on PancakeSwap.
Enter the quantity of $BNB you would really like to swap for $RAGS. click join wallet then swap. if you get an error message, click on the settings icon at the alternate page and boom the "Slippage tolerance" to a higher cost.

RAGS Spread Love

Rags spreading the love through their Business and making global corporate community through electric scooter